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    bad surface, damage mortise and tenon. A lot of furniture is afraid of the wind, especially with the furniture such as tables, cabinets and other furniture category, by the influence of dry shrinkage and wet expansion ", in the air blowing for easy cracking and warping. Furniture is no more difficult to beat than camp beds. So move furniture can not be strenuous, must be handled with care, can not be too
    frequently, otherwise easy to fall apart. Don't put the old furniture in one place, is the so-called "water does not rot, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten". As the season changes, furniture should be adjusted in place. It's easy to rot if you keep it in one place all the time. I often see this ancient furniture: front and side wall of the exquisite beyond compare, like a side too horrible to look at. The dish was the fire
    burned half of the face, let a person see the heart is full of infinite regret...... In short, for people, furniture temper is "frequently moved, easy to loose, long static, perishable"; for the weather, the furniture is "temper" can only be gradual, can not be mutated". Collectors must match up, with wood to make furniture, exquisite ancient legends. "Compliance with wood" is the purpose and concept of furniture
    Comparison of wood plastic and strong wood and wood preservative
    composite 2x8 board
    placing composite decking 16 spacing

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